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Root Canal

Root canal therapy is a procedure that can end up saving your natural tooth and promote better oral health.

Leesburg Root Canal Services

Root Canal Therapy In Leesburg, Virginia

A root canal is likely to seem very intimidating to you. However, it’s not something to fear. It’s a standard procedure that trained dentists often do. Root canal therapy is a procedure that can end up saving your natural tooth and promote better oral health. We have a professional and skilled team dedicated to ensuring that every patient leaves completely satisfied and with a healthy mouth! Our friendly and experienced team can perform root canal procedures completely stress-free here in Leesburg, VA.

Root Canal Therapy 101:


The root canal of a tooth is the natural cavity towards the center of the tooth. It’s where the healthy pulp of a tooth is held in the pulp chamber. When this area gets infected, it can result in facial and neck swelling. What’s worse, it can result in the loss of bone density surrounding the tooth’s roots. You need a root canal once your nerve center has accumulated too much decay to the point where the tooth’s structural integrity is compromised and is at risk of falling out. One of the first things you need to know when trying to understand what a root canal is is the symptoms. 

The symptoms that you experience with a root canal can include the following: 

– Having sensitivity to extreme temperatures.

– Having a cracked and/or chipped tooth.

– Having tooth discoloration and/or swollen gums.

– Experiencing pain when you are eating or chewing.


When you know the signs and symptoms of a root canal, you can better help yourself when it comes time to need a procedure done to prevent it from worsening. When you head to our professional and modern dental office in Leesburg, you will get a team of professionals who are ready and waiting to diagnose your problem and come up with the most effective solution. Root canal therapy is a rather extensive procedure. However, it should not cause you any worry or fear. It’s a standard procedure, and we always perform it here at Birkitt Dental. So when you come to us, you will be in great hands.


Root Canal Therapy Procedure


To minimize discomfort throughout the procedure, you will have an anesthetic administered. In the past, a root canal procedure would require multiple visits. However, because technology has advanced, you can get everything done in a single appointment. Once the surrounding area and the tooth have been properly numbed, Dr. Birkitt will examine your tooth, and a dental dam will be placed around it; This can help to isolate the tooth to ensure the entire area stays dry.


Afterward, a small opening will be made within the crown of the tooth to access the inside of it effectively. Next, the infected pulp will be removed through the canal to prevent the tooth from falling out. Once the infection has been extracted, the area will be cleaned of all decay. Once that’s done, the tooth will be filled with safe and biocompatible material and adhesive cement, ensuring that the root canal remains sealed. When it’s sealed, an infection can be prevented.


The final stage of the procedure involves placing a dental crown on top of it. A dental crown is an artificial tooth cap that will be made to mimic your natural tooth closely. The crown will be made to match your surrounding teeth’s color, size, and shape for the most natural aesthetic.


You can expect a root canal procedure to take anywhere from 60 to 90 minutes from start to completion. 

What To Expect Afterwards


Once the procedure is done, you can expect your saved tooth to last a lifetime. However, you may experience mild or even moderate pain in the area afterward. If you do, it’s best to use over-the-counter pain relievers. If needed, you may be prescribed a more powerful pain reliever. It’s best to avoid eating anything hard. Ideally, you want to stick to softer foods until the area heals. It’s also a good idea to only chew on the opposite side of your procedure.


A follow-up appointment will be scheduled after. This appointment will be used as a checkup post-procedure. Dr. Birkitt will evaluate your tooth to determine if everything is healing properly. During the healing process, your tooth will be at a heightened risk of fracturing. Therefore, you want to take it as easy as possible. 


If you have experienced a lot of pain or sensitivity in your teeth, it might be time to get a checkup. You can schedule an appointment by calling our office. We look forward to helping you.

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